Atlantic’s owned brand operations fall into five strategic product categories and one conventional product category. The distribution arm is conducted and sorted into six strategic distribution areas, alongside a global distributor management network that oversees the markets we manage via our distribution partners.

Core product categories include:

  • SPC Beverages
  • SPC Coffee
  • SPC Salty and sweet
  • SPC Spreads
  • SBU Pharmacy business
  • CPC Donat

Strategic distribution areas include:

  • SDA Croatia
  • SDA Serbia
  • SDA Slovenia
  • SDA Macedonia
  • SDA Austria
  • SDA Russia
  • Global distributor management network

Our corporate support programs guarantee that we can apply the same high standards and transparent, effective business dealings at every level of the company. These programs have their own centralized organization and, depending on their designated area, offer support to the entire range of business activity and development of Atlantic Grupa.

Strategic corporate support programs are divided among:

  • Corporate activity
  • Finance, procurement, and investment
  • Corporate strategy and growth
  • Transformation and information technology