At Atlantic Grupa, we see sustainability as a process whereby we create new opportunities for development and build a better future for the coming generations.

We think strategically and act responsibly for the benefit of our team and the public at large. By integrating economic, social, and ecological dimensions into our everyday activities, we ultimately drive growth and the betterment of the entire community.

Because we recognize both the opportunities and the risks of sustainability, we act strategically at all levels of our business: new product development, technological processes, employee development, customer and consumer communications, investor relations, and supply chain management.

Strategic sustainability goals

Bringing together critical global issues (The European Green Deal), the needs of our shareholders, and Atlantic’s strategic priorities, we defined five clear sustainability goals that have a place in all our strategic business plans:

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Responsible use of water

Move towards the recycling of all plastic waste

Employee satisfaction, safety, and gender equality

Constant improvement of recipes and nutritional value, clean labels, and a reduction in packaged material