Atlantic Grupa was the first limited liability company in Croatia and the region to publish commercial records, and was the first company with corporate bonds on Zagreb Stock Exchange.

At the end of 2007, Atlantic Grupa d.d. issued 31% of its shares on the Zagreb Stock Exchange (ZSE), which was the biggest initial public offering of a privately owned company in Croatia to date. In July 2010, Atlantic Grupa d.d. increased its capital by issuing 864,305 shares to altogether 3,334,300 shares. By the split of nominal value of the share, from 40 kn to 10 kn per share, executed in July 2022, total number of shares arising from the Company's share capital was 13,337,200 shares.

By converting the share capital from kuna to euro and its increase in 2023, the share capital of Atlantic Grupa d.d. today is 106,697,600.00 EUR, divided into 13,337,200 shares, with the nominal value of 1 share of 8 EUR.

Share price movement

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