With our new integrated quality policy, we create the quality you love while educating our staff about the importance of their contribution to raising awareness of safety and product quality. As integral markers of our corporate culture:

WE’RE OPEN to continual improvement of our processes through creative and innovative solutions. We honor best practices as we build partnerships with all our shareholders.

WE GROW responsibly, in compliance with legislation and the standards and needs of our buyers, while continuously and holistically managing risks.

WE’RE PASSIONATE about the satisfaction of our customers and consumers, their needs and wants, and about maintaining the exceptional quality of our brands and services. We build a culture of food safety and responsibility based on the most rigorous global standards.

WE CARE about protecting the environment—because we’re aware of climate change and the endangerment of the world’s biodiversity. That’s why our sustainability goals are a built-in part of our overall development strategy.