Our corporate culture, through its corporate values, supports and promotes the principles of sustainable development: economic efficiency, environmental, social, and ethical responsibility. The Integrated Quality Management System provides a framework for improvements in managing environmental and social risks and opportunities. The Quality Management (and Environmental) Policy represents the overarching document of the system and the fundamental statement of Atlantic Grupa's intentions and principles in managing sustainable development.

Building and maintaining our stakeholder relationships on mutual trust is fully embedded in the way we do business,
towards our internal and external surroundings. To better understand their different expectations and concerns, we create open communication channels with all our stakeholders (employees, consumers, customers, contractual producers,
suppliers, creditors, local community, and public authorities) nurturing successful and long-term partnerships.
Internally, we promote good practices and encourage the exchange of experiences and knowledge between business and distribution units. As well, we share and benchmark our practices with external audience.

We grow with a big responsibility committed to high ethical practices, environmental and social protection. We work to
safeguard our reputation by respecting the law and the highest global standards: ISO 9001,14001, 50001 and GFSI approved
food safety standards. We enable people to speak up when concerns arise and we manage data responsibly. We continuously and fully conduct risk analysis and implement all the necessary preventive measures to minimize risks in the
entire value chain. Our demands in the supply chain constantly grow: we follow raw materials from the source and control the compliance of a wide range of safety, quality and sustainability parameters; we use the due diligence process to recognize negative impacts and protect health and safety of our consumers, human rights, biodiversity and animal welfare.


We are passionately committed to the excellence of brands and services. With innovative products and services, we contribute to the well-being of the community, while by encouraging the implementation of the highest level of food safety culture in all our business activities, we guarantee unconditional safety, authenticity, and compliance. By setting ambitious goals, we constantly improve our business processes, following best available global practices. All our processes, equipment, infrastructure, as well as products and services comply with regulations and strive to fulfil the demands of customers and consumers on various international markets.


Our corporate culture supports and promotes caring for people, the community and the environment. We live and work taking care of wellbeing of our employees and foster equity, diversity, and tolerance. Our economic efficiency contributes to economic growth and the progress of society as a whole. Sustainability goals are defined on the corporate level and
integrated into the strategic development plans of all business and distribution units. In order to mitigate our influence on climate change, and adapt to it, we are focused on: energy efficiency across all our activities, use of renewable energy sources, improving upstream and downstream processes to reduce GHG emissions in whole product life cycles. When choosing the right packaging, we follow the rules of circular economy. Through continuous improvement of the efficiency
in our operations, we rationalize the use of water, reduce waste and minimize food loss.