Atlantic Grupa is a company that creates: new value for its stakeholders and the economy, career opportunities for its employees, and business opportunities for its partners. We’re leaders in the food and beverage industry working hard to inspire people to add some flavor to their everyday lives.

Corporate strategy is the motor that propels our vision into reality and provides clear direction for years to come. This strategy ensures internal unity and alignment with our collective mission for the future, where we aim to create an exceptional company culture and meet the sky-high goals we set for ourselves as a company.

Strategic goals

Build trust and enthusiasm in key categories

For generations, Atlantic brands have been everyday staples in the lives of millions of consumers. Since the key to our success depends on consumers and their relationships with our brands, our first goal is aimed at continually creating and maintaining trust and enthusiasm for our key categories.

Discover new avenues for growth

We understand that consumer needs and habits evolve over time — and that it’s absolutely critical that we as a company approach the discovery of new opportunities with curiosity, empathy, and rigor. That’s why we constantly pursue new avenues for growth by bringing our flavors to consumers in new markets, and innovating outside the established boxes of existing, conventional categories. Our goal is to turn new products, brands, and markets into new sources of growth, and with them, form a broader, stronger foundation for our business in the future.

Align corporate culture and operations

Established ways of working can’t deliver new results. In order to achieve our goals and deliver on our promises, it’s essential that we maintain alignment with our shared values and use modern technological solutions to underpin our organizational efforts. Our People & Culture strategy plays a critical role in achieving this strategic goal, oriented towards aligning our organization with consumer needs, building relationships through the development of authentic leaders, and supporting the growth and welfare of our team.

Values we cultivate

CARE: Protecting the environment

We’re an organization that cares—about each other, about the wellbeing of our team members, our business relationships, and about what kind of world we create for the coming generations.

OPENNESS: Fostering open mindedness

No matter what we do, we never stop being curious, courageous, and hungry for fresh ideas and new experiences. We encourage diverse approaches and ways of thinking because we know that that’s where the most innovative solutions come from.

GROWTH: Creating value

As we strive for progress in everything we do, we never lose our appetite for consistent, stable growth. Our insatiable hunger for new experiences drives us to push boundaries and leap outside our comfort zones—to grow our brands, the markets we operate in, and the profits we earn, and to realize the full potential of each member of our team.

PASSION: Cultivating enthusiasm

It’s not just what we do—it’s how we do it. Like a special sauce that takes a meal over the top, the passion we bring to our work makes the difference between acceptable and extraordinary results. Dedication is the secret ingredient that makes our products better—and our future brighter.