Corporate governance


Atlantic Grupa adopted the Corporate Governance Code in 2006 and in this way it improved the norms of business transparency, which are in accordance with the European Union directives. The code defines the procedures of Supervisory Boards, Management Board and other authorities and structures responsible for decision-making. The code also ensures the avoidance of conflict of interest, enabling the effective internal supervision and responsibility system. The code provides the obligation of public data publishing concerning price information and it also endeavours to enlarge the information transparency for current and potential investors. The code regulates the equal treatment for shareholders and in such a way it ensures the equivalence of all interested parties.

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Atlantic Grupa is a signatory of the Code of business ethics, initiated and created by the Croatian Chamber of Commerce. The Code determines the basic guidelines of ethical conduct of economic subjects within the framework of Croatian economy. By defining ethical criteria we contribute to more transparent and efficient business operation and better relations of economic subjects in the Republic of Croatia with their business environment. Every signatory (of this Code) is responsible for ethical conduct towards other companies at the market and development of qualitative relations and fair competition. The guidelines of the Code suggests the necessity of open public dialogue and active promotion of care for employees and as well as for the environmental care. With responsible business practice, internal acts and politics, Atlantic Grupa contributes transparent business activities and prospective connections with business environment.

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