Argeta Veggie will make you love vegetables like never before!


Argeta makes the no. 1 meat and fish pates in Europe. But now, we've expanded the delicious portfolio even further – all the way to vegetables. Here are new, improved, and better-than-ever vegetable spread - Argeta Veggie.​

It is not just another vegetable spread. Together with consumers in the region and Europe, we have cooked up something that is and tasty and healthy.

Based on chickpeas and mixed with high-quality vegetables, Argeta Veggie is available in four fantastic flavors: black olives, chickpeas, chili and lemon, and red pepper, and all of them will seduce your tastebuds like no vegetable has done before. No additives, no gluten, no artificial aroma and colors. Just pure enjoyment.

We're most proud that Argeta Veggie spreads are suitable for vegans, vegetarians, meat lovers, and all of you who simply want to enrich your everyday meal with more vegetables. It's time to treat yourself to the fantastic flavor of the vegetable. 

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