Atlantic Grupa receives HANFA's recognition for its corporate management


The award of recognitions to top issuers of stock in Croatia according to the Annual Report on Corporate Management for 2021 was held at the Corporate Management in Croatia conference.

Recognitions were also awarded for 2020 along the lines of three competitive categories – the companies listed in the regular, official, and prime market of the Zagreb Stock Exchange. Atlantic Grupa won its recognition in the prime market category.

The award was accepted by President of the Management Board Emil Tedeschi on behalf of Atlantic Grupa. In his acceptance speech, Mr Tedeschi proudly underlined that stock value is not the only thing that counts, as the value of high quality interpersonal relationships within the company is just as important.

If you live and breathe corporate management, if you manage to find charm and real purpose in it, while also guaranteeing the satisfaction of employers and business partners, suppliers and clients – especially consumers – then, you can be proud of your successes in corporate management. The metaphor on managing a plane as well as the plane owner, which we heard here today, is a great one and I would contribute with my own metaphor on owning a car. You need to meet a plethora of requirements to be able to drive a car – you cannot simply rely on your role as the car owner for guidance. You need to drive in accordance with road conditions. That is why corporate management is much more than a mere value system – we enjoy doing it. Our material value is much greater than the value of a listed stock, and it is reflected in the quality of the interpersonal relationships within the company“, said President of the Management Board Emil Tedeschi.

The recognition for corporate management in the regular market category of the Zagreb Stock Exchange was awarded to Ericsson Nikola Tesla, while Croatia osiguranje was the winner in the official market category.