Atlantic Grupa - Slovenian state champion in Marketing!


At the Slovenian Marketing Conference, the best marketing projects of the year were announced, and awards for marketing excellence were presented. The title of this year's national champion in marketing, for a comprehensive marketing approach, was awarded to Atlantic Grupa.

In their explanation, the members of the 10-member expert committee wrote: "Atlantic Grupa sets an example of how marketing should operate in all companies. The Group's marketing projects have a clear structure, clear and mature objectives, and are characterized by consistency and a clear marketing orientation throughout the company's operations."​​​​​


​In the framework of the Marketing Excellence Awards competition, four categories were established. In the Outstanding Leap Ahead category, Atlantic Grupa emerged as the winner with the following explanation: "With the relaunch of vegetable spreads as part of the Argeta Veggie project, Atlantic Grupa follows the megatrend of well-being and reduced meat consumption. They have also expanded their category to include all spreads. They chose the right moment, revamped their existing portfolio, created new recipes, changed the packaging, and targeted a different audience compared to the original version. This is an example of responding to trends, in this case, flexitarians, or individuals who consume vegetarian food while occasionally including meat, fish, dairy, and eggs."

Our brands have also been recognized in other categories:

  • The sustainable program of the Argeta brand, SpreadGood, was awarded in the Sustainability Excellence category. The award was accepted by Mojca Pesendorfer, Head of Category and Brand Development Marketing for Argeta.
  • Argeta: Share of Bread was awarded in the Marketing Excellence Strategy category. The award was accepted by Simona Koren, Head of Category and Brand Development Marketing for Argeta.
  • Donat was awarded for the excellence in implementing brand repositioning strategy in the category of Marketing Strategy Excellence. The award was accepted by Klavdija Vidic, Director of Marketing, Research, and Development.

These awards highlight the exceptional achievements and efforts of Atlantic Grupa's brands in various marketing areas. Congratulations to the teams on their outstanding success!