Atlantic Grupa is the first company in this part of Europe that will use advanced warehouse automation technology for full pallets - 2D shuttle.

The grand opening of the expanded part of the LDC Vukovina was held on May 24th, and the event was attended by numerous colleagues from the strategic business and strategic distribution unit of Croatia, as well as representatives of our partners on the project, Kamgrad and Stamh.

The project of expanding warehouse capacities was launched due to continuous sales growth. The goal was to maximally expand the existing location in Velika Gorica in order to satisfy the increasing demand and the quantity of products that need to be stored both for Atlantic Trade Zagreb and for the production locations of Cedevita, for whom we are a logistics partner. The project started in 2022 and was officially launched in April of the previous year.

Along with the need for larger storage capacities, it was necessary to find a solution for the lack of labor force. 2D shuttle technology was introduced, which allows the storage of full pallets and full integration with all existing digital solutions. This is a warehouse automation technology that has been implemented for the first time in this part of Europe and represents a new major step in the business of the Atlantic Grupa.

The speech at the opening celebration was held by Slađana Bastašić, the main director of SDP Croatia, and Nenad Dečur, the director of logistics operations. They expressed special thanks to Nataša Gembarovski for her excellent management of the demanding project, which is also her last project in the company before retirement. Along with Nataša, the core project team also included Marko Lazić, the director of corporate asset management, and Nenad Dečur, the director of logistics operations.

They also expressed gratitude to everyone who supported the project, including the vice president of Atlantic Grupa for distribution, Srećko Nakić, the Management and the Supervisory Board of the project: Slađana Bastašić, Darko Milanković, Dean Kosty, Krešimir Starčević, Anja Kurobasa. They highlighted the work of the project team without whom this project would not have been realized.

In the end, the team announced that they will share the experiences gained from the project with colleagues who will work on all future projects of introducing advanced technologies in the field of supply chain management.