Cockta celebrates 70 years through a unique collaboration with regional artists


Since its founding in 1953, Cockta has not only positioned itself as a favorite beverage for many but also as a representative of regional cultural innovation. As we celebrate seven decades of Cockta, we aim to showcase to the world the brilliant symbiosis between its rich heritage and the contemporary art scene.

Thanks to the collaboration with selected artists from Slovenia, Croatia, and Serbia, a series of artworks have been created, providing us with a vivid portrayal of Cockta's history and values, as well as its continuous innovation throughout the years. Each creation reflects the spirit and vitality of our region, bridging the past with the present moment. Artists such as Marina Mesar and Agata Lučić from Croatia, Veronika Hozjan from Slovenia, and Ljuba Stefanović from Serbia have answered the campaign's question, 'What are you made of?' through their works, capturing the essence of Cockta's ingredients and its irreplaceable character.

Their artistic achievements will not only be a part of a digital campaign but will also be exhibited at the Ethnographic Museum in Ljubljana, connecting Cockta's past and present and highlighting it as a brand that consistently supports and promotes regional art and collaboration.

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