HANFA's corporate governance award


Atlantic Grupa has won this prestigious award for the third consecutive year, once again demonstrating the company's consistent excellence in the field of corporate governance.

Jutarnji List and the Croatian Financial Services Supervisory Agency (HANFA) have been organizing this economic forum for the sixth consecutive year with the aim of discussing the exceptional importance of the quality of corporate governance for individual business success and overall economic growth.

The award is presented to listed companies that have shown the highest compliance with the Corporate Governance Code, and in the most prestigious competition among issuers on the Leading Market of the stock exchange, Atlantic Grupa has been awarded for the third consecutive year.

"This award is based on solid facts and is not subjective. Therefore, it is an exceptional honor for us to receive it for the third year in a row. In addition, the award comes at a time when we are approaching an annual revenue of one billion euros," shared Zoran Stanković, Vice President of Finance for Atlantic Grupa, upon receiving the award.

Zoran Stanković participated in the central panel discussion titled "New Corporate Standards and Sustainability" along with the CEO of Podravka, Martina Dalić, the Director of the WWF Adria Nature Conservation Program, Dunja Mazzocco Drvar, the CEO of the Zagreb Stock Exchange, Ivana Gažić, the CEO of Končar Elektroindustrija, Gordan Kolak, and the CEO of ENNA Group, Boštjan Napast, with moderation by Jutarnji List columnist Gojko Drljača.

The recognition for the best compliance with the Corporate Governance Code among issuers on the regular market of the Zagreb Stock Exchange was awarded to Ericsson Nikola Tesla, while Končar received it among issuers on the official market.