New member of the Management Board of Atlantic Grupa


At a session of the Supervisory Board of Atlantic Grupa d.d. held on 06 December 2022 and today, on 07 December 2022, the Supervisory Board made a decision on the appointment of Mate Štetić as a new member of the Management Board, for a 3-years mandate, starting from 08 December 2022.

Thereby, the Management Board of Atlantic Grupa d.d. is expanded from six to seven members, comprising President of the Management Board Emil Tedeschi and members Neven Vranković, Zoran Stanković, Lada Tedeschi Fiorio, Srećko Nakić, Enzo Smrekar and Mate Štetić. The strengthening of the Management Board is a logical continuation of the process of defining the corporate strategy and priorities in the further development of the Company. Mate Štetić joined Atlantic Grupa in 2019 as General Manager of SBU Coffee and along with his new role, in addition to the management of the coffee product category, he will take over the management of the chocolate and the sweet and salted snacks portfolio.

He started his career in 2001 with Ledo d.d. where he worked in different sales, export, marketing, and development positions. After Ledo d.d. he joined Zvijezda d.d. where he held the position of Marketing and Development Director. In 2008 he became the General Manager of Mlinar d.d. and started the successful process of restructuring by ensuring a clear focus on the company’s own retail chain and consolidation of production facilities. He worked in PIK Vrbovec d.d. from 2009 until 2019, eight years of which as the company’s General Manager. During this period, PIK Vrbovec started and completed a big investment cycle and turned into the regional leader with great sales and market position growth. He graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Business at the University of Zagreb, obtained a master’s degree from Cotrugli Business School, and continued his development at the IEDC Bled School of Management and other business schools.