Vukovina DC Solar Power Plant Put into Operation


Atlantic Grupa’s first solar power plant is located on the roof of the Vukovina Distribution Centre.

At Atlantic Grupa, we regularly carry out activities and projects primarily aimed at operating sustainably and building a greener future. The latest project of this type is the construction of a solar photovoltaic power plant, which reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 3250 tonnes – equivalent to planting 98 hectares of trees! In addition to the positive impact on the environment, we also expect we will achieve significant savings thanks to the reduction of dependence on market fluctuations of energy prices during the expected lifetime of the panels, i.e. as many as 25 years.

The company E.ON Solar d.o.o., as our project partner, developed a project proposal for the construction of the Vukovina Solar Power Plant according to the “turnkey” system. They installed 1020 PV panels, with the total power amounting to 300 kW. The solar power plant for own consumption is connected to its own power installation and operates in parallel with the power grid. The energy produced will be used mainly for the needs of the distribution centre, with surpluses being transferred to the power grid. The calculated annual power production of the DC Vukovina Power Plant amounts to 437,259 kWh, and the return on investment is expected in only 1.5 years.

Vukovina DC is the first in a series of locations that will be a part of green transformation. Marko Lazić, Head of Corporate Asset Management, revealed plans for the future: “The plan is to consider all other company assets, which could be suited to the same, or similar, systems. We will certainly need to invest tremendous efforts in the transformation of all our locations in order to adapt to the green future that is inevitably coming”, he said.