Responsibility towards employees

Atlantic Grupa is a multinational company with companies and representative offices in 8 countries, where special attention is paid to building unique, naturally different, corporate culture that respects diversity and fosters cooperation and synergies between the different segments of production, innovations, marketing and sales. Smoother enrollment helps in establishing and maintaining an engaged and motivated workforce to support our company's mission. Atlantic Grupa set up a process that welcomes new employees in a way that makes them feel valued as a part of the organization as soon as they join.


Atlantic Grupa is a company that creates: it creates added value for its shareholders and for the economy, career opportunities for employees, and business opportunities for its partners. With special care for every stakeholder, always open towards new ideas, growth oriented and passionate – Atlantic Grupa creates brands that people love. Our vision is to inspire people to add flavor to their everyday moments. We cherrish our 4 main values- passion, growth, openness and care.


Induction to the company is an ongoing learning process required for effective performance and our one-day orientation program is an integral part of it. StartA serves as a practical guide to what needs to be known about our business and the way we work. New employees are given an overview of the organizational structure, strategy and policies which includes a presentation on the company's history, brands and markets. More importantly, they are also given an introduction to our corporate culture, shared values, philosophy, norms and our traditions. On the very practical side they get basic information about benefits and perks, people and offices that are there to support them, and the ways to get and stay connected, allowing them to quickly get to feel more comfortable in the work environment.


Promoting knowledge is important in changing the business environment. Acquisition of new knowledge and skills through the professional and personal development of employees is a prerequisite and a guarantee of business success. We are aware of this fact and that is why we have been encouraging and enabling our employees to attend business schools, specializations, professional conferences and congresses. The educational content and programs we prepare and offer include seminars and courses realized by our experts for our employees, as well as outside institutions through programs “tailored” to meet our needs.


With the challenges and constant torrents of our modern economy, the companies that best stand out are those with an ability to find new approaches to production, distribution and end-customers. The Wind of Change program is aimed at promoting the notion that every individual within the company can contribute with their own unique insight to the company’s growth and development, and is one of the ways in which Atlantic Grupa maintains its high level of competitiveness and success.
Each Atlantic Grupa employee is given the opportunity to submit their innovative ideas in the areas of products or process, organisational innovation, or marketing-sales innovation.


Atlantic enables employees to form their internal sports clubsthat represent an ideal way for continuous recreation and fun through a particular sport. Employees show their sports spirit by increasing the number of clubs and members every year and with participating in different competitions and tournaments in the region where they represent Atlantic Grupa and company brands.
Part of the program is also the largest corporate sports event called “Sports Weekend” which is organized every year. All Atlantic Grupa employees can apply and compete in different team or individual sports and for the true sports event experience they have the support from their colleague fans.
Besides Sports Clubs and Sports Weekend, Atlantic Body and Mind team periodically organizes additional activities, projects, education and workshops that encourage employees for physical activities and healthy lifestyle habits.


„Value Ambassadors" programme is being implemented since 2011. Through this programme, Atlantic Grupa employees have an opportunity to present themselves in a different light and present our company's values in the best way possible – passion, growth, openness and care. They have an opportunity to recognise and commend the colleagues  who best represent one of those values.


Performance management system (U3) in Atlantic Grupa connects the success of an individual employee to the success of the entire company by balancing organisational, departmental, and individual objectives, as well as by improving the efficiency of the individual and the team. Performance management system is focused on results, and is flexible and adaptable to changes in business and job position specifics. Another aspect that is encouraged by performance management and development system is corporate culture.
As a result – oriented organisation Atlantic Grupa has a performance management system based on following prerequisites:
•Responsibility for results must be clearly assigned and understood
•Performance management process must provide usable information which acts as the base for business decisions
•Individual development, compensation and benefits, rewards and recognition, ought to be connected to established success
•Performance management processes must be positive in nature and encourage improvement
•They should not be used as a means of punishment


We reward our employees fairly and attractively, in line with the prevailing conditions on the local market. We gather data from the labor market on a regular basis, ensuring that our reward structures remain competitive. Our reward system is well structured and transparent in its application. It:

  • Allocates appropriate people to appropriate job positions
  • Set requirements and standards, outcomes and measures
  • Provides effective orientation, education and training
  • Provides ongoing coaching and feedback
  • Designs a foundation for effective systems that rewards people for their contributions
  • Provides promotional/career development opportunities for employees


By adopting the Corporate Governance Code, Atlantic Grupa has integrated the highest standards of corporate governance into its business activities and has resolved to regulate its actions, both in regard of the other entities it enters into business relations with and in regard of its own employees, in accordance with the above principles of business conduct.
The intention of the Company is to provide its employees with the right to fair, accountable, transparent and ethical work, i.e. a working environment in which the above principles of business conduct are respected.
In accordance with that fact, with the beginning of 2020, Atlantic Grupa  has established the internal reporting procedure and the appointment of a confidential person. For that purpose, Atlantic employees have Whistleblowing Procedure Rules available, as well as the e-mail address [email protected]


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