Responsibility towards community

In its broader sense, corporate social responsibility is a determinant of Atlantic Grupa's actions. Through its sponsorships and donations, the company aims to promote the values shared with its social environment, namely passion, responsibility and growth. There is a multitude of activities and support that the company provided in 2018 to different associations, organisations and actions, of which some are listed




Atlantic Grupa is actively involved in the promotion of basketball, so in 2018 the flagship of all Atlantic’s sponsorships continues to be the basketball club Cedevita. In 2018, the club won its fifth consecutive Croatian Basketball Championship and its fifth consecutive Krešimir Ćosić Cup, while also being recognised as the best sports team in the city of Zagreb. As a result of Atlantic Grupa’s sponsorship, as well as the efforts put in gathering additional sponsors of the club, it is now one of the most promising teams in Croatia and regional leagues and a regular participant in European competitions. What is particularly important and upon which the success of this project lies is Atlantic’s dedicated support in financing, organising, and managing the club’s Basketball Academy with over one thousand children.
The club and academy actively work in 24 basketball schools organised in Zagreb’s elementary schools, thus ensuring both the future of this sport and the option of a healthy and useful free time activity. All training during the season is extended by organising a summer camp in Veli Lošinj, where basketball school participants and other guests have an opportunity to enjoy the sea and basketball. The Cedevita Basketball Arena is still the main basketball centre in Croatia which is, in addition to all club selections, used by four other men’s and two women’s basketball clubs from Zagreb, as well as by, for a fifth consecutive season, protégés of the association Down 21. During the last year, Cedevita basketball club was also visited by the Croatian national basketball team in wheelchairs and by the Jerell Blassingame camp, which brought the NBA star Kenneth Faried


Along with basketball, tennis, football and supporting extreme sport competitions and athletes, Atlantic Grupa in 2018 also readily provided support to the table tennis club Malinska, which is achieving extraordinary results, as well as the water polo club Jadran Split that achieved noticeable results in national and European competitions. Street sports have their appeal, which is best known by competitors in the basketball street challenge in Lipik, which gathered the best European 3x3 basketball teams and offered attractive supporting activities together with the brands of Atlantic Grupa. We are also sponsoring a special Cockta Cup, a year-round  ompetition system for younger ski jumpers to gain experience and improve their jumping technique for new victories.

Already for five years the company has internally gathered employees within the project “Body and Mind – Opportunity to be fit”, with the principal aim to allow them to apply a healthy lifestyle through different sports activities. Within this project, we should point out 27 sports clubs that are active in 5 markets, cover 14 different sports and in which as much as 1,172 Atlantic employees are participating. “Body
and Mind – Opportunity to be fit” also reserves one weekend a year for extensive sports competitions between employees. This activity has fulfilled all criteria of the European Commission’s expert body and has for the first time been selected as one of the finalists for the BeActive award. This is also the first time that Croatia had its representative in this major event.


That Atlantic employees truly enjoy helping other is reflected in their high participation in the Value Day, where since 2012 employees are participating in a number of humanitarian actions aimed at improving the conditions in their local community and working environment. In 2018, more than 1,200 Atlantic employees participated in over 60 different activities in eight countries, where they again had an opportunity to show their positive spirit and values they invest in everything they do. They have passionately, creatively and responsibly assisted their local communities and each other through different forms of help: cleaning their work spaces and the environment, gardening, painting, cleaning and by donating blood. Consequently, at the eight international conference on corporate social responsibility CSR Forum Serbia, in 2017 Atlantic Grupa received the Award for Corporate Volunteering, and in 2018 it was, as one of the members, recognised for contributing to the development of CSR activities in Serbia. This award was established in 2011, in cooperation with international partners CSR Europe and BITC, under the European Year of Volunteering and, as part of a wider initiative, realised in 23 European countries.



Atlantic Grupa has again in 2018 supported the 24th Sarajevo Film Festival (SFF) as a central cultural manifestation in the region, not only as a Festival sponsor, but also as the supporter of the campaign ““Svi smo mi iz istog filma” (We’re All From the Same Movie)”.
Atlantic Grupa and Sarajevo Film Festival have, in line with their long-standing cooperation and friendship, in 2018 decided to fully
open the bounders of art and, in a never before seen project, enabled the audience across the region to become part of Sarajevo Film Festival. The campaign “Svi smo mi iz istog filma” lasted one week and resulted in the making of the first amateur vertical film,
which was created by almost one hundred creative persons from the entire region. This promotion and campaign was for the first
time also supported by Grand Kafa, which developed many activities on digital media in cooperation with the stars of small and big screen in order to use this opportunity to continue successfully positioning itself among art lovers, while Argeta breakfast was again the tastiest breakfast of Sarajevo Film Festival. Argeta welcomed participants of the project Sarajevo Talents, business partners and media representatives. In addition to supporting the art of film-making, Atlantic Grupa is always looking to support the best music projects, so in 2018 it continued to sponsor Yammatovo with Cockta as the main brand, the Musicology Project with Barcaffè in Serbia, Slovenia and Croatia, as well as Novi Sad’s Exit Festival, with performances by world-famous musicians like Johnny Marr, Keziah Jones, Ecos Company and others. When youth and knowledge are concerned, Atlantic has for the third year in a row supported the largest gathering of the so called changemakers in this part of Europe by presenting at the LEAP Summit career opportunities offered by the company. LEAP Summit was attended by more than 3 thousand participants from more than 35 countries and 103 lecturers. Four different stages were usedto hold parallel discussions on innovation, entrepreneurship, digital technologies, career development and inspiration and motivation. In Novi Sad, Serbia, the third consecutive Forum of Young Serbian Leaders 2018 YES!, which gathered over 100 young successful people employed in companies, as well as final year and doctoral students, was held under the general sponsorship of Atlantic Grupa. Atlantic Grupa presented itself by using an integrated Atlantic Experience exhibition solution, in which participants were introduced to opportunities Atlantic offers to young people.


Atlantic Grupa is aware how great things can be achieved with small steps, so, for example, it has for years organised internal collection of plastic bottle caps by which employees support a humanitarian action of the Association of Leukaemia and Lymphoma Patients – “Plastic Bottle Caps for Expensive Medicines”. The goal of this action is to collect plastic caps from PET and Tetra Pak packaging and send them to the Association, which then replaces them for certain funds used to buy expensive medicines that are not on the Croatian Health Insurance Fund list, but are required for the treatment of this group of patients. Additionally, Atlantic again in 2018 participated in the project “Iskustvo zlata vrijedi (Experience is Golden)”. This is a project in which Atlantic is participating for the last 5 years, under which students with disabilities or low income have an opportunity for practical training. It is organised for the sixth year in a row by Poslovni dnevnik and Večernji list, with the aim to expand the reach of corporate social responsibility and raise awareness of the business community about student issues.


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