We closely follow the latest scientific achievements so we can creatively incorporate them into our products and services. That’s how we’re able to innovatively inspire a better quality of life and work for our customers.

Atlantic Grupa’s comprehensive system for safety and quality management incorporates all elements of proper food safety to prevent any potential hazards. Our quality control processes are organized within independent quality assurance departments, in accordance with our high-level goals.

We guarantee product safety through myriad control protocols directed at managing risks at every level of the supply chain. We track raw materials from the source, and provide our suppliers with strict criteria to comply with the parameters for quality and social and environmental responsibility.

We run continual, holistic risk analyses to identify and implement all appropriate preventative measures to eliminate microbiological, chemical, and other types of hazards. Each business area organizes its own quality control processes so that they are fully optimized to mitigate specific risks for each product type.

We have successfully completed more than 55 HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) analyses, and enforce comprehensive annual monitoring in collaboration with top-notch analytical laboratories. All processes, equipment, infrastructure, products, and services are compliant with the legislative requirements of various markets and standards of customers. We uphold a high level of quality in every phase of our operations—from transport to storage, and distribution to our buyers.

With the expertise of over 40 food safety experts, experience managing over 13 production facilities, 10 distribution facilities, and over 500 hours of education each year, we’re dedicated to fostering a top-level food safety culture in our everyday operations.


One of our goals is to achieve the best possible relationships with our suppliers. These cooperative relationships result in increased innovation, satisfied customers, better business functionality, and a world class product offering.

Atlantic Grupa is highly scrupulous in its supplier selection process. We build our supplier relationships on the basis of professionalism and transparency, while remaining wholly compliant with legislative frameworks and high ethical and moral standards. What’s more, we want to build relationships with suppliers who share our values and dedication to the same high standards.

Above all else, these standards include:

  • Upholding anti-corruption laws, including prohibition of giving and/or receiving bribes and inappropriate business incentives
  • Respect for human rights and workers’ rights
  • Support of the health, wellbeing, and security of employees
  • Prohibition of child labor
  • Zero tolerance for discrimination of any kind, including on basis of race, creed, or gender, and a strict prohibition of sexual misconduct
  • Compliance with appropriate laws and standards governing environmental protection and conservation of biodiversity

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